Tuesday, April 22, 2014

Ruby Red

Ruby Red

Enno, Harriet,  Jenny and Louise
appear to have the same idea it's time to get out the
Don't know what Victor was thinking.
And where is Frank? Behind the camera. Sorry we
didn't get you in this. I'll add you now.
A good time was had by old friends getting together.
Enno, Victor and Frank share a love of swimming in Holland at
7:00 in the morning. Brrrrr.
Thank you for a wonderful weekend!

 Enno always finds the Kitty.
Frank enjoys the view of the canal and gardens on the
other side.

Louise, Frank and Enno

Art exhibition by area artists in the Church of Kolhorn.

Monday, April 21, 2014

Dutch Dandylions

Dandylions are the biggest I've seen
and why wouldn't they be with all the rain in Holland?
I wish I had a dwarf one
from Texas to compare the size.
I could say bigger than a silver dollar.

The dandylions cover the dikes now with lots of Easter grass
as we call the weeds in Texas.
This building pumps the water from the little canals in the
village to the larger one across the dike road that goes to the sea.
The village is part of what is a polder,
an area that is below sea level.
That canal is on the level of the dike which is
 higher than the village.
 On the other side of the larger canal it is low again. The sea used to come in at
high tide all the way to the dike.
Connecting to

Sunday, April 20, 2014


Jesus Christ is Risen today
Hal - le - lu - jah,
Our triumphant Holy Day
Who did once upon the cross
to redeem our loss.
This song is my Easter song of praise.
It was a tradition in my church in America
to sing it every Easter morning.
It is not sung in the churches I've attended
in Holland but it echoes in my spirit.

On Palm Sunday Enno and I visited the historically designated
Museum Town of Kolhorn
which used to be on the sea.
With the innovation of dikes in the Netherlands
it now is situated among tulip fields.
Our friends, Frank and Louise took us for an outting
to see it. Amazingly beautiful.



Will these churches come alive on Easter morning?
The first one is now an art gallery.
 Every home is a garden extending to the canal.





I feel so uplifted when I visit these little villages and have
a connection to people of the past and their hard work ethics
with determination to survive the harsh elements here.

They not only survived but thrived for
thousands of years.
The beautiful flowers are
Have a Joyful Easter
I watched two church services on television this morning.
One was a Protestant service from Jerusalem
and the other a
Catholic one from Belgium.
Both were beautiful.
Enno doesn't like to go to church here
but will with me in America.

Saturday, April 19, 2014

The Lamb

 The lonely lamb
 Separates  himself
 Leaves his family and
 Says goodbye to his brothers.
Tells John to behold his mother.
Is slaughtered.
To take our place.