Tuesday, January 21, 2014

Color-worthy, Space-worthy

I don't like it, really loathe it.
The folders seem to multiply and have to be weeded every couple of years.
Last year I bought cute baskets to store them in my bookshelves.
This week I bought a box of big green garbage sacks.

There is no reason to print this in color because it isn't
 (Did I just coin a new word?)
Insurance folders, medical folders, appliance booklets.
How long to you keep them?
Are they
It's time to let go of my junior high yearbooks.
Alas, a decision looms. To which child do I want to send them?
The daughter who has children in junior high now (there are two of them),
the daughter who has a son who will attend the school I attended (only one of them),
my grandchildren who are divided among three families.
This is my problem.
But, then, I had to reread all three books, with memories flooding in.

And then there are the mementos.
Magazines with articles I think I would reread.
Letters from my father, mother and grandmother written to
me when I was in at the Univ. of Arkansas. They are in the envelopes and
I'm afraid to pull out the letters because of the emotions they hold.
Finally, the basket with all this year's information for my income tax. It needs to
go into a folder which can be sealed and stored for the next seven years.
It is never ending.
I do feel better though I still have a ways to go.


c. Joy said...

Could you keep your memories in a box under the bed? I'm really not the one to answer this question - I am a bit of a hoarder... Love the new word "color-worthy."

Jackie Mc Guinness said...

I've done all this sorting and downsizing. I scanned what I felt worth saving and threw out the rest knowing that it all would likely get thrown out when I am gone anyway.